If you are tired of those unwanted pounds of body fat, and are ready to transform your body, our 12 Week Rapid Fat Loss Program is for you.  This program is designed for those who are serious about making changes now!!

Your 12 Week  Coaching Rapid Fat Loss Program Includes:

  • Online Custom Training Success Session with Jim
  • Free 21 Day Trial  to check it out.
  • Personalized Program Design to get you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time
  • Regular Fitness Assessments measure your progress, avoid plateaus and make continuous improvement results you’re looking for.

All Coaching Memberships Come With A 30-Day, No-Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Free Best Shape Blueprint

Providing cutting-edge exercise programs and easy-to-follow supportive nutrition programs for the Jim Inglis Fitness community is a true passion of ours. We're delighted to be able to serve YOU in the upcoming weeks, and we look forward to creating a long-lasting and successful relationship with you...

Helping you achieve YOUR goals is our top priority. It's what drives us to get better everyday. 🙂

Sign up for your Free Best Shape Blueprint and Jim will be personally contacting you within  24 - 48 hours to schedule your Success Session. The Success Session is designed to give you the best experience possible as you start your fitness program with us.

In the meantime, let's start the education process, shall we?

You'll find that Jim Inglis Fitness is about much more than delivering cutting-edge personal training and nutrition programs. We're also about providing quality education that our members can use for a lifetime. Plus, we host a lot of really fun events that our members love, but we'll save that for later...

Here's your link to your free best shape blueprint. Get a custom workout plan. Just click below to get started.

Free Best Shape Blueprint

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Athletic Development Program

Our Athletic Development Program is by far the best value for you dollar. You will discover what it takes to improve your speed, agility and quickness. You will learn:

  • Effective Warm Up
  • Base Conditioning
  • Linear Acceleration
  • Top End Speed Mechanics
  • Lateral & Crossover Acceleration
  • Retreating Skills
  • Power Development
  • Strength Training

Warm up and Base Conditioning

You will learn how to effectively perform your warmups to maximize your training, along with base conditioning.

Linear Acceleration & Top Speed Development

From first step quickness to breakaway speed, the ability to accelerate is critical for any high level athlete. In Component Two you’ll gain the knowledge and tools you need to shave tenths off your 40 times, learn to explode out of the blocks and accelerate past your defender.

Lateral Acceleration, Crossover & Retreating

Real world sports performance goes beyond having a smoking 40 yard dash time. As an athlete, you need to master the many different characteristics of speed to reach your potential. Multi-directional speed is the key to on the field or court performance.

Power Development & Strength Training

If you move well but there is just something missing…then power and strength development is almost always the key to taking them to the next level. In Component Four you’ll discover a simple yet incredibly effective program for developing both of these game changing traits.

From jump training to work in the weight room, you’ll learn how you can create speed, explosiveness and agility fast.


When it comes to speed & agility development, conditioning is the most misunderstood component. 95% of coaches turn speed training sessions into conditioning sessions, ignoring the fact that they’re quite possibly making their athletes slower in the process. Learn the correct  and most safe way to stay conditioned in any sport.

What's best yet, is each person who signs up, gets a foam roller, band, and access to  custom online coaching platform with built in accountability. We will see you through to the end, getting you back into the sport you love.

Learn more about our Athletic Development Program HERE

Jim Inglis/ Athletics Coach and Personal Trainer


I have been learning in the industry since 2012.   I am a Personal Trainer through NASM, a Program Design Specialist, Speed and Agility Coach, Sports Nutrition Coach, and a Weight Lifting Coach with the National Sports Performance Association. 

I have also studied sports conditioning, speed and agility, and olympic weight lifting. On the nutrition side of things, I am also Precision Nutrition Certified (PN1), along with being a certified Online Trainer (OTA).

My goal is to help each and everyone feel better and have energy to do every day activities through developing habits. As we all get older, we want to keep up with our kids and maintain a healthy lifestyle or want to play the sports we once loved. I would love to work with each and everyone of you to the best of my ability to get you back into your best shape ever.

To Your Success









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